quart, valle d’aosta

Since 1781, the current owner's maternal ancestors used to go down from Fornet, a village of the Valgrisenche area long since vanished under the water of the Beauregard dam, to reach Ollignan where they stocked up with wine and chestnuts to make it through the long, cold winter months. In 1969, encouraged by his friend Pino Albaney, father Dauphin started bottling his own wine to introduce it at the "II Exposition des Vins du Val d'Aoste": this trade fair stimulated his entrepreneurial spirit, and so the winery expanded from 3.000 square meters to the current 10 hectares planted with vineyards and his five children joined the business.


A prestigious and recently improved native grape variety that offers a strong reflection of its terroir from the mountains which it was born. Vinified with its own yeast in wooden barrels, the grapes are punched down 3-4 times a day for 12-14 days, it is then aged in barrique for 11 months. Intense ruby red in colour, persistent with a fine bouquet with nuances of fruity brushwood. Light yet complex spicy notes, soft start in the mouth with an aboundance of tannis which provide both elegance and freshness. A wine suitable for long-term ageing in bottle. Excellent match with red meats, game or very mature cheese.

Case 6: $209.70 | $34.95/bottle


A sun kissed slope in full sun situated between 600 and750 metres a.s.l. is the home of Cornalin (or Corniola), a recently rediscovered native grape variety that is proving very important thanks to its excellent longevity which makes it a wine of remarkable personality. Intense ruby red in colour with a varied bouquet that brings to mind spices and tobacco's aromatic essence, soft with a full palate, pleasantly tannic, persistent, a wine with low acidity. Ideal with meat, excellent with typical local soups, it is also a perfect match with some varieties of Aosta Valley cheeses, like Fontina DOP.

Case 6: $209.70 | $34.95/bottle