greve in chianti, toscana

The estate comprises a little over 200 hectares of woodland, pastureland, vineyards and olive groves. The wines obtained from those vineyards have been internationally recognized, praised and enjoyed since the beginning of the 20th century. However, the products of Villa Calcinaia were already known since the 16th century, as proven by documents in the family archive. The Capponi family over the past 50 years have significantly invested in their wine technology in order to improve the quality at the same time bearing in mind the ties of the terroir and its respected traditions. The Chianti Classico of Villa Calcinaia is the truest expression of the family’s pride and sense of history.

chianti classico “cappone”

With a medium body, high acidity and firm tannins, this Chianti Classico is an amazingly popular wine both in Italy and around the world. Entirely fermented from Sangiovese grapes, this wine provides the classic expressions one would expect from a Chianti Classico. Nuances of tart cherry, red plum, strawberries and fig please both the nose and palate when enjoying this wine.