montalcino, toscana

Le Macioche is located in the heart of the beautiful hilly area near Siena, in the southern part of Tuscany. A fertile land blessed by nature, halfway between the Mediterranean scents of the Tyrrhenian and the reassuring Central Apennines barrier. Completely immersed in the countryside of Montalcino. The estate profits from a favourable orientation to the south, which is constantly provided with a constant breeze, ideal to maintain the vigorous nature of the place and its fruits.

The name Le Macioche comes from the root of the strawberry bush, the shrub that forms the woods that hug the estate, the Macioca. When le Macioche decided to renew their logo they wanted to symbolize both this bush while connecting it to their Montalcino territory. At the same time the cool design is symbol of the encounter between tradition and innovation that will accompany the path of our wines from now on.

Despite the strong wine tradition of the area documented since the Middle Ages, Brunello di Montalcino is a "modern" wine, whose production began only in the mid-nineteenth century, thanks to the intuition of a pharmacist by the name of Clemente Santi. Given the success of the new wine in both national and international exhibitions other families of the town followed the example of the Santi’s and started producing Brunello as we know it today.

brunello di montalcino

Ruby red in color, that with aging tends to garnet, this is an intense and persistent wine on the nose with hints of underbrush, small fruits and composite jam. The palate is dry with aromatic, persistant, slightly tannic, warm and harmonious.

Available in a vertical consisting of 2007, 2008 and 2009 or individually in cases of 6.