caltagirone, sicilia

Judeka was born in 2007 from the initiative of a group of young Sicilian entrepreneurs. Initially, the company was set up as a simple structure. It transitioned with the acquisition of the first farmlands, followed by the planting of vines and soon after construction of the winery. The company’s story is unique, starting from nothing but perseverance, passion, and research of young wine neophytes. They have worked on a rich but arduous land that is Sicily, to successfully fulfill their own dream “Judeka”. Irrefutably, any exposure to such a magical land inspires hope for all young Sicilians like Judeka’s young group of entrepreneurs.

Today it is imperative that we hand down a better world to our children. One of our main objectives is the respect for nature and the consumer. Consequently, we have decided to equip our winery with state-of-the-art technologies. So, by utilizing some basic principles of physics, we are able to process grapes with the utmost respect for their composition. The aforementioned technologies also allow us to bring out the grapes variety and territory features while minimizing, sometimes even eliminating, the use of chemicals.

cerasuolo di vittoria

It is the only Sicilian wine which can boast DOCG certification. A wine that strongly expresses its territory of origin, through a perfect synergy between the strength, structure, and the fruitfulness of the Nero d’Avola with the elegance, delicacy, and floral qualities of Frappato.. This wine is a blend of 60% Nero D’Avola and 40% Frappato. An absolutely lovely and sensual wine full of fruit and softness and rounded tannins. A quaffable wine that is incredibly versatile, my go to summer red!

Nero d’avola

A very unique Nero D’Avola in that it is made using 3 stages and methods: Method 1: Previous years wines aged for approximately 1 year. Method 2: New harvest grapes are cut and left to dry in the sun to provide sweetness. Method 3: New harvest wine to provide freshness, strength and longevity. An intense and rich wine that aims for maximum expression of the territory. Ruby red in colour and noble on the palate, it has a strong character and soft tannins, along with a marked fragrance of marasca cherries, plums, and traditional cherries.