lucera, puglia

The Estate of Alberto Longo is located just north of Puglia in the town Lucera, where the Longo family has been farming in the region for over three generations. Having worked the land with his family as a young boy and adolescent, Alberto left the region for his studies and professional career, only to return to match the love for his land with his passion for wine.

nero di troia “le cruste”

Fermentation in steel vats with prolonged contact with skins. After malolactic fermentation, aging in French oak barriques and tonneaux for 12 months, and then for 18 months in bottle. Intense ruby red, persistent, rich notes of brambleberries and ripe plum.

cacce mmitte di lucera

55% Nero di Troia, 30% Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, 15% Bombino Bianco Fermentation in temperature controlled stainless steel vats favouring prolonged contact of must with skins. Malolactic fermentation takes place in the month of November. Aging 6-8 months in cement vats and then in the bottle for at least 6 more months. Intense ruby red, persistent, rich fragrance of wild berries.

Case 12 : $263.40 | $21.95/bottle


Unlike most Negroamaro on the market here in North America, this one is 100%. Negroamaro. It was originaly given the name “black-bitter” due to the grapes incredibly dark colour extraction. Indigneous to Puglia for the past 1500 years it is a grape with beautiful elegance while maintaining a deep and dark mysteriousness.

Case 12 : $239.40 | $19.95/bottle


Primitivo or primitive in translation is exactly that, a primitive grape that is indigenous to the region of Puglia. Fermented in temperature controlled vats with prolonged skin contact it ages the first 6-8 months in concrete vats followed by an additional 6 months in bottle before release. Fresh and vibrant with a persistent nuance of wild berry and spice it is a harmonious and well-balanced wine, one of the best expressions of Primitivo I have had the privilege to try.

Case 12 : $239.40 | $19.95/bottle