neive, piemonte

Cantina del Glicine is a 4 hectare natural winery located in the Langhe of Alba, Neive to be exact. Their cellar showcases a splendid example of Baroque architecture in Piedmont from the 1600’s at which time the cantina was in operation. Stepping into the “cutin” as they say in Piemontese dialect is like stepping back into another time, 1582 to be exact. Back in a time when wine was made in a much slower and more instinctive way, rather than depending on modern technology. The company has 4 hectares of vineyards, all south-east and south-west exposed in the heart of the two prestigious cru Barbaresco: Marcorino and Curra.

barbaresco “vignesparse”

Hand selected from Glicine’s two famous vineyards; Marcorino and Curra, “VigneSparse” or scattered vineayards as the name translates refers to the blend of these 2 different terroirs within Neive. This wine has a classic bouquet of exotic spice, dried _owers and red cherryl ike fruit with a very pretty bouquet. The wine is fermented in cement which lends a very pure and clean style.

Case 6 : $339.70| $54.95/bottle