angera, lombardia

Immersed in the morning fog on the road that runs along the lakeside of Lake Maggiore, through Ranco and Uponne, where the white blanket sails remain suspended in mid-air in the early hours of light, or coming the other way from Lisanza and Sesto Calende. The first image of Angera is the wonderful lakeside of boats and extensions of fields that on non-working days become joyful festive picnics and an oasis of children and laughter.

The lake, the road, the houses facing it, some bearing the memory of the ancient profiles of farmers and fishermen, mansions with small arches, irregular walls, courtyards with tufts of grass between. Art Nouveau villas in the resort of the nineteenth century bourgeoisie, tt dominates everything. It is impossible not catch it at first glance, the muscular tonnage of Rocca. Immediately you feel the ancient separation between men of the lake, fishermen, workers sweat and toil, and those of power.

Between the eighteenth and nineteenth century 10,000 hectares of land planted with vines were damaged drastically by phylloxera, the lethal bug that destroys the roots of plants. It was through this devastating time that our tradition was born, and the craft and passion of a great Italian dynasty of distillers arose, Rossi D’Angera.

persichina (peach grappa)

Liquor made from Moscato d'Asti aged Grappa and natural peach juice. Crisp and firm flesh, peaches are harvested by expert hands who choose only the fruits arrived at the perfect point of ripeness. Our work still preserves the scents and aromas of peaches, with an alcohol content not exceeding 30% vol.

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suadus (honey grappa)

Based liqueur Grappa Moscato d'Asti aged and with Acacia honey. Suadus is the result of a blend of Acacia honey and Millefiori, produced on the land of lakes and grappa Moscato d'Asti aged in barrels of Allier oak for 18 months.

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amaro d’angera

The recipe of our oldest distillery. We produce it with thirty alpine herbs, collected from those that grow on our Alps. The months of aging, give the product a full-bodied and strong taste. We devote thirty days to alcoholic maceration, to extract all the aromatic principles and precious essences of yarrow, star anise, sage, gentian, lemon balm, wild mint, thyme and other herbs again. Distilled slowly for three hours and then left to rest peacefully in Angera, in Allier oak barrels for at least three months. Outside, the lake and the Alps are rooting for this bitterness that is a faithful and generous postcard of this land. Try it as an aperitif or digestive, straight or "on the rocks".

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The mythical drink gentian inspired by French custom of consuming liquor made from this herb. It has a loyal consumer terraced and in love. Time passes but their love remains. For this we always do it the same way, without ever daring to change his original recipe even one iota. Only alcohol and root parts of gentian lutea.

major gin

This gin distillery was founded in 1847 under the medieval fortress of Angera, on the shores of Lake Maggiore. We do this with an exclusive recipe, we have created and developed taste after taste. We have filled countless pages of recipes and tests: "we add this herb, let's try this other, a touch more of this botanical, and if we were to put this?" We placed Juniper of the Alps and the original touch of Piedmont cherries which add a unique flavor and make this a unique gin in the world. We only use natural alcohol obtained from grains. The water from the glaciers of the Alps: