sondrio, lombardia

The work accomplished in the past by wine growers in Veltlin is truly heroic. The steep hillsides of the valley were by far not ideal for wine farming. However, winegrowers realized that once a possibility for wine growing was created, wonderful grapes would grow on this sun blessed location. Working unimaginably hard, they created 2500 kilometres of stone wall on the steep hills of the 50 kilometre long wine growing area. Thousands of stones were sheeted and thus winegrowers created one of the largest terraced wine growing areas in the world. This all happened over 2000 years ago! Cantina Plozza are the pioneers of Sforzato production and in 1946 they were the first ones to introduce Sforzato to trade. Still today, the Nebbiolo grapes of Veltlin grow on these sunny terraces and are laboriously harvested by hand vine by vine.

rosso di valtellina

The first impression is sweet with a subtle hint of wild berries and black currents. It proves rustic, strong and well established on your palate. Reminiscent of dressed leather, red velvet cushions and a burning fireplace. The final impression is dry and simple. A vin sauvage with the aroma of ripe fruit and a well balanced structure.

Case 12 : $239.40 | $19.95/bottle

sforzato di valtellina / nebbiolo “cinquanta”

Never before has a winemaker in Valtellina blended tradition with modernity to create a strinklingy fresh take on the beloved sforzazto di valtellina. Freshness and ripe tannins. A territorial wine as displayed with its label made from a unique stone which reitierates the peculiarity of the terroir of origin.

Case 6 : $371.70 | $61.95/bottle