cori, lazio

Cincinnato is deeply conscious of the importance of typicity and biodiversity, and for this reason has always been committed to regenerating and showcasing native grape varieties such as Nero Buono and Bellone. For over 20 years it has invested substantial human and economic resources in a challenging quality project, aiming to improve the product and advancement of the winery.

The production protocol adopted involves meticulously defined vineyard procedures and harvesting calendar, and scrupulous vinification processes.

The winery is renowned for its environmental efforts including organic methods in the rows, a photovoltaic system ensuring independent power generation, and local distribution using natural gas-fuelled vehicles.

nero buono “ercole”

A red grape varietal originating in Cori and continuing to grow on the volcanic Cori hills. Characterized by a medium-sized spherical clusters of berries with thick, bloom-covered skin. It was recovered and given a new lease of life thanks to research and experimentation that documented its distinctive traits.

Case 6 : $149.70 | $24.95/bottle


A sophisticated, elegant 100% Bellone that truly embodies its terroir. Named after one of the mythical Dioscuri, venerated in the ancient Temple of Castor and Pollux, whose imposing ruins are among Cori’s archaeological treasures. This indigenous white wine is also known as uva pane (“bread grape”) due to its delicate, thin skin. It has ancient origins and was widespread in the Castelli Romani district in Roman times.