modena, emilia romagna

I was first introduced to Giovanni Giacobazzi through some incredible natural grape soda imported by Aurora Importing. It was recommended that I should visit them in Modena as they have been Lambrusco producers for over 200 years and are incredibly respected by their community. I am so happy I did. I met Giovanni for the first time at Vinitaly 2017 and was blown away by their production, Lambrusco Amabile, Lambrusco Ancestrale and the latest and hottest new bubbly in the North, Pignoletto.

lambrusco amabile

This is what most people in North America think of when they think of Lambrusco, a semi-sweet bubbly with fresh nuances of strawberry and gentle tannin, an incredibly refreshing and quaffable wine.

Case 12 : $215.40 | $17.95/bottle

lambrusco ancestale

Made as the name suggests in its ancestral tradition, this Lambrusco Ancestrale is true to the original family recipe and has not changed to date. 100% Sorbara grapes vinified according to the Ancestral Method. The best bunches are selected and hand picked from their vineyard located in Nonantola in Via Rebecchi 72. After a soft crushing the grapes than undergo it’s first fermentation at a controlled temperature. The frothiness of this Lambrusco is created by the natural refermentation in bottle thanks to the remaining residual sugars.

Case 12 : $299.40 | $24.95/bottle


While travelling through Le Marche, Emilia Romagna and Verona I was pleasantly surprised to have a new and exciting frizzante poured before my eyes, I would of assumed it was Prosecco naturally, but there was a distinct difference on the palate and whey I questioned the waiter as to what it was he replied “Pignoletto, of course”. Over the next few days all I drank was Pignoletto as my first wine, ironically not because I chose it, but rather it seems to be the new bubbly on the block, especially in Bologna.

Case 12 : $239.40 | $19.95/bottle