salerno, campania

In a village located at the foot of the "Cerreta", the local nickname of Monte Monna, Nonna Anna discovered an exceptional formula for a liquor from their local wild fennel as well as Limoncello. It wasn’t long after that her son Samuele bottled and created their company rightfully named Nonna Anna. The tree from the logo of "Nonna Anna" is a reproduction of the detail of a painting in the San Francesco Monastery in Giffoni Valle Piana, the actual birthplace of Anna.

Once the season arrives the family heads off to wild untouched lands surrounding Mount Mona to forge wild fennel. Once found they collect only the foliage of the plants that make up the most tender, green and scented parts. Back at the farm where production occurs, a rigorous selection of the wild fennel takes place for the infusion of alcohol. Only the most green and scented are used in the infusion.

Their liquor is than bottled by hand and each bottle is assigned an annual serial number that allows you to trace with certainty the date of production and the lots of the ingredients that make up the spirit. Mona is totally natural and does not contain dyes and/or preservatives.