crotone, calabria

Lying on the hills of the lower Neto river valley extending north to the side of the ancient Marchesato Crotone. Legend has it that some Achaean, veterans of the war of Troy, landed on the coast where the Neto River flows into the Ionian Sea. The Trojan women in tow, tired of wandering aimlessly, burned the ships of the Achaeans forcing them to establish residence in the territory of Kroton, already populated by Greeks. At the mouth of the river they gave the name of "NETO" (Neaithos), a clear reference to the etymological "burned ships". Joined by other Achaeans they settled along the fertile river valley.

Neto valley, located in the heart of the old Marquis of Crotone for centuries has been a strategic center of agricultural development. It is here the revival of modern agriculture where the vineyards represented the central role in the local economy. Their agriturismo is mainly engaged in the production of wine, olive oil, citrus fruits, vegetables and processed tomato.

melissa “mutro”

75% Galioppo / 25% Greco Nero Grapes harvested exclusively by hand, in the optimal ripening period to guarantee the maximum intensity of aroma. The product obtained is stored in suitable tanks for maceration at 22-25 ° C for 10 days; After the fermentation is complete, the wine is placed In cold-storage steel vats, where it rests for about 1 year. 33% of the wine is left to mature in small French oak barrels for a minimum 6 months and then re-blended and placed in bottle for another 6 months before hitting the market.