baratili san pietro, sardegna

I’ve always been one to choose a product from its birthplace vs. that of a non tradition market. I always find that the craftmanship and quality when paired with a long lasting tradition is usually an unbeatable combination. That being said, I couldn’t choose traditional on this product. Lemons have been growing in the southern parts of Italy for thousands of years and are very famous in other parts of Italy besides the Amalfi coast like Sicily and Sardegna. The aroma, concentration and overall balance of this Limonello by Silvo Carta is simply unbeatable and unlike anything I have had to date.

Silvio Carta was founded in 1950 and is reckonized as one of the most prestigious in Sardegna for their vinification of Vernaccia, a noble Sardinian tradition. Over the past 30 years with the help of his daughter Elio they have successfully transitioned towards the production of some of the finest liqueurs and spirits in Italy utilizing the wealth of local ingredients such as lemons, mirto and herbs to produce spirits truly reflective of Sardegna’s natural garden.


The production of lemon liqueur began exactly thirty years ago, its success has helped turn Silvio Carta into a leading spirits producer. To celebrate the thirtieth year of production, Elio Carta wanted to create a lemon liquer which would be called "Limonello" to differentiate it from the famous "Limoncello", with the use of their own lemons. Great as an aperitif or digestive it is frozen and it is recommended to store it in a freezer. The "Limonello" is pleasant to be enjoyed at room temperature, mixed with tonic or champagne.

$330.00/Case of 6