caltanissetta, sicilia

According to tradition, in 1599 a shepherd had found a painted canvas depicting the Madonna del Bosco, near a spring. This event is the foundation of the city of Niscemi. At the very same spot they built the church of Maria Santissima del Bosco ("a Maronna”). The name Amaronna is a tribute to the patron saint, and highlights the strong bond that the product has with the history and traditions of Niscemi

artichoke of niscemi

Infusion of organic artichokes and aromatic plants


Pomegranate juice infusion with aromatic plants


Infusion of pulp of passionfruit and aromatic plants

ficodindia di san cono/prickly pear

Prickly pear infusion, bitter orange peel and aromatic plants

$300.00/Case of 6 (mix 6)