gragnano, campania

The Preserves of San Nicola dei Miri were born from the idea of creating a laboratory of artisanal canned fruits, and vegetables according to the recipes and ancient methods learned and kept by family tradition. The choice of raw materials falls on fresh crop yields and top quality, all the preparations are made following the recipes of the ultra octogenarian grandmother Lucia , preparations and secrets that today Maria still keep. The jars are carefully filled by hand, each one is controlled and free of artificial preservatives so that we can preserve the authentic flavour and fragrance of the orchard.

vesuvian apricots A gift from Vesuvio. Vesuvian apricots with only the addition of water and sugar to enhance and preserve the flavour, fragrance and sweetness.

percoca sciroppata A variety of ripened hand picked percocca, an ancient fruit variety very similar to a peach but larger and more meaty with slight nuances of apricot are jarred by hand with only the addition of water and sugar to enhance and preserve the flavour, fragrance and sweetness.

yellow cherry tomatoes // pacchetelle Firm flesh, thick skin with an intense yellow color, sweet taste and balanced, made soft thanks to the preservation of its juice.

piennolo del Vesuvius DOP // pacchetelle Unlike any other tomato in Italy, the Piennolo tomato is almost extinct, very difficult to find. A tomato typically grown by residents for personal consumption. This vine of this tomato is picked in September and left hanging in the cellars or kitchens of those who grow them only to pick as needed over the winter months. Thick skinned, firm and compact with a sweet and sour taste, delicious, incredibly unique.

san marzano agro sarnese nocerino DOP // natural (without skins) Appreciated for its organoleptic characteristics typically that of a sweet and sour taste. These San Marzano are artisanal San Marzano, not those found in a tin in large format, this is the natural type, without added sauce, it screams sweetness and flavour.

piennolo pomodorini dop 1kg.
Case 6: $89.70 | $14.95/kg

percoca campana (peach/apricot) 1kg
Case 6: $89.70 | $14.95/kg

albicocche del vesuvio 1kg
Case 6: $89.70 | $14.95/kg

limone sorrentina marmellata
Case 12: $59.40 | $4.95 ea.

arancia sorrentina marmellata
Case 12: $59.40 | $4.95 ea.

olio d'oliva ravece monvarietal 500ml
Case 6: $131.70 | $21.95/500ml