chiaramonte gulfi, sicilia

Piangrillo’s organic farm stretches on the hill of Pianogrillo where old lava stone lilies dating back to the 3rd century AD still reamain. From the ancient baroque of Pianogrillo, today the area has been transformed into a modern farm by their descendants, who still look after and manage the farm. Organic farming is practiced throughout their land and the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers are strictly banned. The average altitude of the olive groves are 350 meters above sea level, providing fresh and airy nights even throughout the summer. The entire area of the property is located along the Gulfi area which is a protected designation of land "Monti Iblei".

tonda iblea

This incredible Tonda Iblea organic extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is made from a local olive variety known as "Tonda Iblea", a cultivar of the Monti Iblei area of south eastern Sicily. This EVOO is obtained by cold pressing the olives with a temperature-controlled squeezing system (Alfa Laval and Pieralisi olive oil processing systems). Powerful and balanced with great flavor with a spicy finish. AVAILABLE IN: 250ml Tins, 250ml bottles, 500ml bottles and 5 ltr tins.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Superiore

ciliegino salsa

This Ciliegino Pomodorini (cherry tomato) sauce is completely grown and produced on the Pianogrillo farm. This is a genuine and natural ready to use tomato sauce obtained from the absolute best hand picked cherry tomatoes grown in the open field and selected at optimal maturation. It has a velvety and eye-catching texture and an intense fresh tomato scent. The ingredients are only cherry variety, extra virgin olive oil, salt and basil. NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ADDED SUGAR, Also amazing for Bloody Mary’s. Ingredients: Cherry tomato, extra virgin olive oil, salt, basil, celery.

Cherry Tomato Sauce 330ml

pomodorini estratto

This is Pianogrillo's powerful tomato concentrate. It has the deep aroma of a sauce that’s been slowly cooking for hours. It has a dense, creamy texture and the superb taste of tomatoes dried in the Sicilian sun - a lightly salty, sweet flavour with a powerful umami punch that wakes up your taste buds. Add a small amount to sauces, or spread over roasted meat or meatloaf, or anywhere else you’d like to dial up the tomato flavour!

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Cherry Tomato Extract 350gr