piozzo, piemonte

The Baladin soft drinks were originally conceived to recreate the tastes and aromas of our childhood. Thanks to the result achieved many people have not only enjoyed those tastes again, but more importantly have appreciated the effort made to select only wholesome ingredients. We created Cedrata, Spuma Nera, Ginger and Cola without colorings and preservatives. “Historical” tastes, dedicated to those who were children some time ago and to new generations alike, who can discover that WHOLESOME and HEALTHY are not forgotten words locked inside dictionaries.


“Cola Baladin” is a soft drinks which contains no coloring or preservative and is produced with the kola nuts bought from the Kola Slow Food Presidium” in Sierra Leone, and part of the revenues from the its sales will be donated to the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity to support the Presidium project. Another important and rather odd thing about this drink: the use of these nuts, and the necessary choice not to use artificial colorings.

Case 12: $19.80 | $1.65/bottle


A journey searching for the taste of times gone by. A taste that our memory has registered but has been hiding for a very long time. This is Cedrata Baladin. Just water, natural brown sugar, lemon juice, carbon dioxide and the infusion of Calabria citrons from Diamante, which give it all its aroma and flavor. Cedrata Baladin is produced with simple and selected ingredients and contains no colorings or preservatives.

Case 12 : $19.80 | $1.65/bottle


Its ingredients are simply water, natural brown sugar, lemon juice, carbon dioxide and the unmistakable infusion of herbs, zests of bitter and sweet oranges from Gargano PGI, spices and vanilla which give the drink its distinctive aroma and flavor. There is not ginger in the recipe.

Case 12 : $19.80 | $1.65/bottle

Spuma Nera (Chinotto)

Spuma Nera, or “dark Spuma” as it was once called, may be considered the “mother” of chinotto. We have chosen to go back to the traditional recipe, with a basis of chinotto (a myrtle-leaf orange drink), the red part of rhubarb roots and an orange zest infusion. Of course, no colorings or preservatives are added.

Case 12 : $19.80 | $1.65/bottle