About Us

I first discovered wine as a child in my grandfather’s backyard. Since then wine has played an integral part of my understanding of tradition and the importance of preserving an individuals bond to their homeland.

I have always loved everything that wine represents. From the farming and dedication of one’s land, to the art of making wine that represents one’s terroir, to the beauty of witnessing people enjoy it with friends and family.

I have dedicated my career to the pursuit of the great indigenous wines of Italy. I have personally travelled and selected all the wines in our portfolio. Wines that not only represent a specific region but rather represent a community, a family and ones tie to their homeland.

All of our wines are produced naturally, organically and/or through sustainable practice. I have personally moved in this direction as I have also evolved with wine over the years. I have found that through natural and organic winemaking practices it is not so much a difference in the end result or drinkability of a wine but rather the philosophy of its maker.

Natural and organic winemaking requires a different level of dedication to the land, nurturing of the vines and understanding of the terroir. It is through this dedication of the winemaker that brings forth wines that speak of their land, their soil composition and in the end produces a wine that is truly unique to their community and speaks of their terroir.

Wine has the incredible ability to speak of the Earth in which it came from through our senses. To taste ones land from another part of the World to me is a language very few of us have had the privilege to know, I’m just trying to make it more accessible.